About us

Welcome to Sense On The Beach! We are Oriol Boix and Jaume Durany and we're thrilled to have you here with us. Through our website, youtube channel, and our blog, we'll be sharing everything we've learned while we continue our journey.

Thanks for being here with us! - Jaume Durany (left) & Oriol Boix (right).

We'll share learnings from our experiences as organizational consultants and coaches, including the knowledge we've gathered from working with great colleagues, and the challenges we're currently facing.

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What is Sense On The Beach about?

Our goal is to enable ways to help organizations and individuals grow with sense. We're constantly exploring new paths that we hope will be useful for you.

We started Sense On The Beach back in 2019 as a small consultancy based in Barcelona, close to the beach. Our focus as consultants is to help organizations to grow with sense and set themselves up for success.

We've worked closely with leaders, teams, and individuals from companies like Typeform, badi, Packlink, and quantilope. We've created new teams, redefined organization structures, built leadership teams, defined goal-setting processes, clarified company expectations, organized retreats, and much more.

In every impact we tackle as consultants, we always align with these two core beliefs:

  1. We don't work with out-of-the-box solutions. We've seen many people enforcing frameworks and processes without considering the unique identity of each company, and it just doesn't work. That's why our first step has always been to observe, open a conversation, and actively listen.
  2. The success of any company depends 100% on the impact of its teams and leaders. That's why we always worked with a "craftsmanship" approach, focusing on people and their development.

We're excited to share all of our experiences and insights with you and hope that you'll join us on this journey of continuous learning and growth. Thank you for being here with us!